In April 2008 Gemius has changed the method of data presentation for the Gemius/Ipsos Audience research study in Hungary. From then onwards page views of non-audited web sites are not being taken into account.
All the historical data about the page views in the research were removed from the above analysis.

The calculations of presented statistics are based on traffic coming from all types of devices (PC, Mobile etc.).


The owner of the web site is Gemius, the leader and precursor of complex internet research in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Denmark and Israel. The data presented above comes from the gemius/Ipsos Audience research study, which defines the standards in online audience measurement. Gemius provides the data presented here free of charge and invites you to use it.

When quoting the data, please provide its source every time in the following format:


"Source: Gemius Hungary Kft. & Ipsos, gemius/Ipsos Audience, month - year"

If you publish the data online, please make sure to include a respective referrer.